RE.MEDI.HUM. Renaissance, Medieval and Humanistic Digital Library Documents

RE.MEDI.HUM. is a virtual open access space, born as a development of the Philelfiana project, directed by Prof. Silvia Fiaschi. It aims at providing new shapes and new opportunities to the research carried out on the fields of philology, literature and culture of the Middle Ages, Humanism and Early European Renaissance (ERC research areas SH5, SH6).

The RE.MEDI.HUM. virtual space offers the possibility to host, build, design and share basic research tools, databases, virtual collections of primary sources (manuscripts, ancient printed books, documents), digitisations, reconstruction of authorial and intellectual profiles, interactive maps of cultural territories, scientific publications. RE.MEDI.HUM. fits with the ethical issues of the HR Programme, by promoting scientific excellence, inclusive and sustainable research, gender balance in scientific activity.

Guidelines for searching and enquiries, now available.

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